Everything You Need for Fishing in Halifax (Except Nice Weather!)

If there’s something about fishing that you are looking for, Fishing Fever Fly & Tackle Shop can get it. Specializing in fly fishing, we are a one-stop shop for rods, reels, waders and accessories in Halifax.

Kits and Supplies for Do It Yourself Fishers

Trust Fishing Fever for the fishing supplies and materials you need. To help keep you warm and dry, we stock repair kits from Simms®, Aquaseal® and Freesole®. What's more, we stock everything you need for fly tying, including:

  • Hair
  • Body Material
  • Fly Tying Vises
  • Fly Scissors
  • Hooks
  • Tinsel
  • Thread

We also stock genetic hackle, including cock saddles and necks from Metz®. And don't forget to call us about our famous fly tying courses.

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