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Looking for a new rod? You've come to the right place. Fishing Fever Fly & Tackle Shop in Halifax carries top-quality rods from most of the major brands. We understand that shopping for a rod can be confusing—there is no shortage of gear out there and there is plenty of confusing terminology to go along with it.

This is especially true of our speciality, the fly rod. Our goal, whether you're new to the sport or an avid fisherman, is to match you with the rod that is right for you, without any of the confusion. For starters, here is an indication of what you can expect to find in store:

Sage Fly Fishing

Simply put, Sage is the number one manufacturer of fly rods in the world today. Sage designs, tests and hand builds all of their fly rods with a single purpose—maximum fishability—a term they coined to describe the type of performance anglers can expect from their products. When you're using a Sage rod, you can expect to make the most of your time fishing.

Hardy Fishing

Hardy, based in England, has been producing top-quality fly rods since 1872. Renowned for their quality and craftsmanship, their reels have garnered praise from anglers the world over.


The words "good enough" have never been uttered by the guys at Gloomis. No, these rods are technological achievements that provide users with a world class fly fishing experience.

St. Croix Rods

St. Croix Rods are designed and engineered to outperform all others. St. Croix uses exotic materials such as carbon fibre and fortified resin systems. St. Croix rods incorporate cutting edge engineering such as Integrated Poly Curve® tooling technology, Advanced Reinforcing Technology™ and Taper Enhancement Technology (TET).

As a result, St. Croix rods are extremely lightweight, sensitive and responsive.


Redington offers tremendous value at very reasonable prices. They have options for freshwater, saltwater and switch/spey making them a great choice for any fisherman.


Fenwick has long been known for producing technique-specific rods. Constantly pushing the limits of technology and innovation, the pursuit of the perfect rod is an ongoing battle for them.


Echo produces rods that are light yet exceptionally strong. They look, feel and react like rods available at double the cost making them a true bargain!

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