Hook, Line and Sinker

What's between you and your next fish? If you're not up-to-speed on the different fishing lines available, you're probably not fishing to your full potential. At Fishing Fever Fly & Tackle Shop in Halifax we'll help you find the right line for what you fish and where you find them. We carry a wide variety of lines for fishing and fly fishing and we'll help you sort out decisions about which type, length and weight will work for you. In our store you'll find lines from:


Sage's Saltwater Performance Taper floating fly fishing line is easy-shooting, high-floating and self-lubricating. Available in sizes WF8 F, WF9 F and WF 12 F, a special coating protects Sage lines that can withstand the rigors of Nova Scotia's saltwater.

Scientific Anglers

Scientific Anglers is one of the clear leaders in fly fishing lines. They have been transforming the sport for over 60 years with their speciality products. They were the first company to offer a floating line and continue to develop fly lines today that are certain to boost your performance.

Rio Products

The minds behind Rio Products describe themselves as real "line geeks". That's because they offer some of the most sophisticated and durable lines on the market. They are fanatical about the technology they put into their lines and it's apparent with each and every cast.

Airflo Fishing

Airflo is the world's leading manufacturer of speciality fly lines. Their range of Ridged Clear fly lines offers the ultimate in stealth. The ridges disappear when your line hits the water, making it nearly invisible to fish. These lines are not to be overlooked.


Cortland offers a huge variety of fly fishing lines, spurred on by 100-plus years of passion and dedication to furthering the sport. We're confident their lines will give any angler an advantage—what are you waiting for come in and ask about them!

Royal Wulff

Those who love fly fishing owe a debt of gratitude to Lee and Joan Wulff who founded Royal Wulff over 40 years ago. They were responsible for designing the first fly fishing vest and pioneered the catch-and-release ethic so many of us practice today. As you might imagine, their lines aren't too shabby either—in fact their renowned for fresh and saltwater fly fishing.

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