A Fly for Every Angler (and Every Fish) in Halifax

As fly fishing experts in Halifax, Fishing Fever Fly & Tackle Shop has a special interest in flies. In addition to having a huge inventory of flies available for purchase, we also offer fly tying courses. So whether you are a local Nova Scotian enjoying a relaxing afternoon or a professional fisher hoping to land a trophy trout or salmon, visit us for all your fly fishing gear.

We carry fishing flies such as:

Fishing Fever Fly & Tackle Shop also boasts an impressive inventory of fly tying supplies. In addition to complete fly tying kits, our line of tools includes:

  • Vises
  • Scissors
  • Bobbins
  • Threaders

And if you need fly tying materials, chances are we have what you need. We stock materials such as:

  • Hooks
  • Tinsel
  • Thread
  • Body Materials
  • Hair
  • Squirrel Tails
  • Deer Tails
  • Metz Cock Saddles
  • Mets Cock Necks
  • Hackle
  • Feathers
  • Plumage

We can find any fly fishing materials you need, so call us if you don't see it!


The classic Hairwings are still popular amongst anglers. That's because they are proven fish catchers. We tie traditional Hairwings, paying attention to appearance and durability. We tie classic Black Bear, Silver Down Easter, Squirrel Tail and other Hairwings.

Spring Streamers

Colourful and just over 2" in length, Spring Streamers are specifically designed for the spring salmon spawning in April and May. Popular Spring Streamers include Blue Smelt, Red Eagle and Magog Smelt.

Bombers Flies

Available in a variety of sizes, Bombers are available in a rainbow of colours that are sure to attract salmon. Some of our popular Bombers include Orange Body Brown Hackle and Brown & White Orange Hackle.

Buck Bugs

The Buck Bug series of Atlantic salmon flies use hook sizes 4, 6, 8 and 10. The Buck Bug is a smaller version of the Bomber and is available in natural colours and more vibrant colours. Ask us which ones are best suited for current weather conditions.


Ties as either a single or double hook, Butterflies are another classic fly in Atlantic Canada. We can tie any colour and configuration you desire. Favourites include orange, green and yellow wings.

Dry Flies

Tied using hook sizes 4, 6 or 8, Dry Flies are another favourite of Atlantic Salmon fly fishers. Rattface MacDougall, Dry Cosseboom and Red Whiskers Brown Hackle are traditional favourites.

Low Water Flies

Favourites in late summer, Low Water Flies include the traditional Rusty Rat, Red Abbey, Miramichi Cosseboom and Black Rat. Low Water Flies are particularly effective at first light in the morning and as the sun sets in the evening.

Deadly Dozen Assortments

The legendary Deadly Dozen Assortments are available throughout the year. A collection of 12 of the flies currently offering success for fishers, each Dirty Dozen Assortment is customized to geographic location and time of year. Salmon in the Miramichi seem to have an uncanny attraction to these flies!

Salmon Fly Brooch Pins

Colourful and popular as wedding gifts, Salmon Fly Brooch Pins are exact replicas of popular salmon flies. Approximately 2" long, they look great on the lapels of any fisher when they aren't in the water.

Contact us for more information or special orders.

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