Fly Fishing Accessories in Halifax

Being caught without proper accessories while in the stream can be extremely frustrating. Stop by Fishing Fever Fly & Tackle Shop in Halifax before heading out. We stock practically every fly fishing accessory available, in most price ranges. Derek Jeter wouldn't be caught on the field without his cleats, and you shouldn't be caught in the stream without your nippers, retractors or line dressing.

At Fishing Fever Fly & Tackle Shop our accessories include:

Fly Fishing Nippers and Retractors

Handy tools for tying knots and clearing cement out of the eye of a hook, nippers and retractors make threading line through hooks easier. Available in many styles, many have knot tiers, hook files and pins.

Fly Fishing Forceps

Used for clamping and extracting, fly fishing forceps are used to pull barbs. They enable quicker release of salmon with less injury to the fish.

Floatants and Line Dressing

Fishing Fever stocks a full inventory floatants and line dressing to give your flies and line more buoyancy. Floatants can also make your flies more attractive and natural looking to fish by keeping them neat looking.

Fly Fishing Pins

Show your colleagues, friends and family where you'd rather be when you aren't fishing. We carry tie tacks, lapel and collar pins that are suitable for sports jackets and business suits. Choose from jumping trout, Atlantic salmon and other stylized pins.

Wading Accessories

The last thing you want to do is slip and fall while wading in a stream. That's why we offer wading accessories such as gravel guards, studs for felt soles, wading belts, cleats and repair kits.


Vision is key when fly fishing. Spotting subtle variations in the water can make the difference between a good and bad day. What's more, sunglasses offering UV A and B protection can protect your eyes from the sun's damaging rays. We also carry sunglasses cases that float.

Fishing Luggage

When your hands are on your rod and reel you need a place to safely store your flies and accessories. Stay organized and protect your gear with carry-all bags, backpacks and hip packs. We also stock rod cases.

Fishing Books

Fishing Fever stocks all the latest fly fishing-related books. So why not wade into a book or two during the winter? Explore casting methods or learn how to tie new flies with one of our fishing books while you wait for spring to arrive.

Fishing DVDs

If you would rather learn new flies with the convenience of video, choose one of our many DVDs. Pause and replay until tying a Streamer or Hair Bug becomes second nature.

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